The Kiosk Restoration Process

Whether you choose an unrestored kiosk from our limited stock or considering having your own unit restored, this is our step by step restoration process:

Step 1
The kiosk is completely stripped of all internal & external components prior to a thorough sandblast. This process removes all traces of paint, putty and rust. It’s then carefully checked for any integral faults and repaired if necessary by our highly skilled welders.

Step 2
The kiosk is coated in a special transport primer before being transported back to our workshops.

Step 3
After a full inspection, all joints, casting imperfections & ‘pop flaws’ are filled and sanded. A laborious process but necessary. Good preparation is the key to a perfect end result. The box is then blown off with compressed air.

Step 4
The kiosk is cleansed with a degreasing fluid, and ‘tacked off’ with a special dust and particle absorbent cloth. Two generous coats of a quality Two Pack primer are applied by spray gun.

Step 5
The primer is allowed to fully harden. The kiosk is then sanded, blown off with compressed air, and cleansed with a degreasing fluid. The structure is ‘tacked off’ with a dust and particle absorbent cloth. Three generous coats of the correct  ‘Post Office Red’ in Two Pack are applied by spray gun.

Step 6
The internal roof is sprayed in gloss white for illumination purposes.

Step 7
The kiosk is then fully glazed with new security glass. All ancillary components, including the internal light are checked, cleaned and refitted.

Step 8
The door undergoes similar treatment through steps 1 – 5 but with a new bespoke hardwood outer frame. It’s hung on new brass hinges and aligned. The push/pull panel and outer stainless steel door handle are installed.

Step 9
The internal door closure mechanism is installed and tested.

Step 10
All glazing is cleaned, paintwork polished and Crowns hand painted with gold pearl (if specified)