Council Adoption Scheme

Remember When UK are proud to be involved in the various UK Council Adoption Schemes for kiosks around the UK & will happily provide you with a quotation for restoration. We would love to hear your intentions for the adopted kiosk & in return we’ll share our vast knowledge with you – From the safe administration & logistics of removal, transportation, restoration, time frames & re-location, right up to the finishing touches: for example, gilded crowns, security door locks or choice of interior, be it period, current or bespoke!

Your local Telephone Box will be lovingly restored to the very highest standard & come with a unique photographic portfolio showing every aspect of the restoration as it unfolds. Bespoke ‘transoms’ are our forte, so your kiosk could state ‘DEFIBRILLATOR’, ‘LIBRARY’, ‘INFORMATION’ ‘MUSEUM’ etc utilising the traditional colour & font. We also produce transoms to depict the name of your Town, Village or Hamlet, etc.

We offer two secure storage facilities with no fee for pending work – Full invoicing & receipts are provided as standard.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

PRICE –  £5,500.00.  To advise we are fully booked with projects until October 2023 thus priced accordingly.

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