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Red Telephone Boxes, recognised & appreciated by all nations, reflects our historical development in communications & architectural achievements. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the illustrious Kiosk with its distinctive domed roof & geometric sculpture plays a vital role in British heritage & culture & has done so for over 80 years  –  Carl Burge (Proprietor RWUK)

‘Perfection is our proficiency’ Our Museum Grade kiosks are restored to the highest standard by hand & house magnificent ‘Jubilee’ interiors, precise emulations reminiscent of our halcyon days. Every project comes with a unique detailed photographic portfolio explaining all aspects of the Renaissance as it unfolds. It’s our little way of sharing expert skill & passion thus making you as much part of the project as possible.

Choose a kiosk to be restored from our limited stock;  either by a personal viewing or from the comfort of your own home. We will gladly forward detailed photographs of what’s currently available. The majority of our kiosks hold provenance. Provenance is verification of where the kiosk was originally sited in Great Britain.

PRICE – £8,400.00

To advise we are fully booked with projects until December 2023 thus priced accordingly.

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