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Welcome to Remember When UK

Remember When UK is a small family run business offering a unique professional restoration service & pride ourselves on the superior quality of work topped off with traditional values & beliefs.

Can I choose a Kiosk to be restored?

At ‘Remember When’ you can! Choose a kiosk from our stock;  either by a personal viewing or from the comfort of your own home. We will gladly forward detailed photographs of what’s currently available. The majority of our kiosks hold provenance, verification of where they once stood.

The Kiosks:

Every kiosk restored by us comes with an idiosyncratic photographic portfolio depicting all aspects of the project in great detail. The reason behind this is to make you as much part of the project as possible. It also reassures you’re in very capable hands & your remuneration is being wisely invested. The content is forwarded via email at regular intervals during the restoration & we will gladly compile a compact disc with this history should you so desire.

Name dropping:

We have restored kiosks & supplied other British artifacts to many recognised household names including the British Embassy, BBC, British Gas, Ben Sherman, Ted Baker, Marks & Spencer, Sony, NSPCC, Osprey, Mini UK, Sun Newspapers, Marriot Hotels to name a few & have been viewed on ITV, BBC, CNN & more recently featured on The American Pickers (episode: ‘London Calling’) We’re currently involved in restoring adopted Council Kiosks & were given the ‘Golden Ticket’, supplying, restoring & delivering a museum specification Red Telephone Box to the Headquarters of Rolls Royce, England.

Company comparisons – thinking ahead…

1/ Does the kiosk hold provenance? Provenance is verification of where the kiosk came from. The majority of our kiosks hold this status.

2/  Can they provide photographs of the restoration?

3/ Are all the joints & individual cast sections sealed? Sandblasting removes all traces of special putty from between the joints of a kiosk. If these joints are not filled the shell will look sectional. Open joints means voids, voids retain moisture, moisture leads to rust! A sandblasted shell will also uncover casting imperfections &  casting defects. These areas certainly require professional attention, something that we pride ourselves in doing. It’s laborious but essential – Good preparation is the key to a first class finish.

4/ Has the door been sandblasted? A definite ‘no-no’! All K6 kiosk door frames are made from Teak wood & can loose precious strength once sandblasted. Sandblasting also opens the grain of the wood & creates gully’s or grooves –  NOT attractive once painted! All our restored kiosks come equipped with new hardwood frames – exact emulations, produced from sustainable Sapele & hand crafted by our joiner Trevor Johns.

5/ What product is the kiosk painted in? Most companies use Xylene, Polyester or ‘one coat’ materials. The life expectancy of these products is around 2 years. At ‘Remember When’ we ONLY use quality Twin Pack paints formulated to the exact colour specified by the General Post Office. These superior high gloss coatings are applied by paint technicians with years of experience. Being the correct product ensures the Kiosk retains excellent gloss & vibrant colour for years to come!  An occasional wash with warm soapy water & a bi-annual coat of wax is all that’s required! We also produce bespoke colours or can match to your own personal preference should red not be your thing!


Our initial terms are 50% deposit with the order, the balance payable on kiosk completion pre-delivery. We often have a lot of projects on the go, therefore should you have to wait a while we postpone this payment. Instead, we propose a ‘Placement Securing Deposit’ of £1000. This deposit ensures your guaranteed position in a line of pre-booked restoration projects. The 50% deposit would be required approx. 5 weeks prior to the start of the restoration. This is notifiable by telephone call or email.  Full invoicing & receipts are provided as standard.

We are not currently registered for VAT

Please Note: The ‘Placement Securing Deposit’ allows us to keep an open window for a specified Telephone Box or other projects to be refurbished during a particular period of time. This payment is fully refundable for 31 days from the date of receipt only. We reserve the right to retain this amount should, for what ever reason, the contract be terminated after the 31st day.

Delivery & Installation…

Professional experienced delivery is via our contracted haulier Mr Daniel Burlingham from Emneth, Nr Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. PE14 8EQ. Burlingham’s operate a small fleet of specialist vehicles equipped with crane assistance. Heavy haulage is charged by the mile. Installation is to within the vehicle cranes reach: approx. 24 feet from the centre of lorry bed (on the smaller vehicle) If it’s not possible to install the kiosk by means of Hiab crane to the chosen location, additional machinery/ labour would be required. Therefore a supplementary estimate would be provided based on the findings.

Can we help you?

We do hope so, please email or call, we would be delighted to hear from you.
We also welcome visits to our workshop, it’s ‘By Appointment Only’ so please drop us a line before hand & give us a bit of notice, that way we’ll give you our undivided attention, ensure the workshop is warm & the kettle is primed.

Subject to current government guidelines for travel / Covid 19 restrictions

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